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Improvement of society as a whole through education and encourage of positive initiatives, all in accordance with the requirements of society.


Active society establishment, whose micro initiatives would result in adjustments of existing frameworks of social structure.
We sincerely believe that a positive example of local activism is best way of improving the quality of life.


With active and dedicate work on development and implementation of socially useful projects our goal is to:
1.    Strengthen civil society, democratization of the same, and support of advanced civil initiatives
2.    Encourage and empower volunteer and charity work
3.    Advocate for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the rights of minorities
4.    Promote religious freedom, peace and reconciliation
5.    Encourage changes in public awareness of the socio-useful work ˝By investing in education, we invest in the future˝ , primarily by realization of projects with the aim of promoting and empowering:
-     Primary, secondary and higher education and lifelong learning
-    Formal, non-formal and informal education
-    Scientific and research work
-    Foreign language learning
By investing in the improvement of education, economic, tourism, cultural, sports and other society sectors in BiH, our goal is to strengthen the foundations of society and the country, to upgrade the essential factors of stability through the implementation of useful projects, in particular through the following activities:
1.    Help and support to development of SMEs
2.    Promotion of corporate social responsibility
3.    Encourage of wider community in sport activities, and support projects related to health and community safety
4.    Support the promotion of tourist attractions, natural, cultural and historical sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina
5.    Promotion of cultural values and cultural events
6.    Promoting urban infrastructure projects, and help to promote the land registry reform
7.    Encourage and promote organic food production, and promote the protection of domestic producers of the same origin
8.    Preparation and implementation of projects in the field of preparation and usage of pre-accession funds of the European Union, and promoting the values of European Union


• Adi Djukic
• Josipa Terzic-Rezic
• Ivan Rozic
• Minja Jovanovic

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